Smoodies Pure Pomegranate Juice 100% Natural Pack of 6

  • High in folic acid and vitamin K
  • Great for regulating calcium levels, protein development, and metabolism.
  • Ingredients: Pomegranate
  • Shelf Life: 60 Days


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We started Smoodies to provide consumers with a key component of a balanced diet: Fruit.

Fruit provides you with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants required as well as the healthiest form of natural fruit sugars which are essential to keep you going through the day.

So we present to you, little bottles of fruit, called Smoothies. Fruit, thrown in a blender, mixed by expert Smoodie tasters, and then poured into a bottle. These little bottles of fruit then trundle down towards a supermarket, onto the supermarket shelf, waiting for the consumer to pick it up and find it that much easier to remain healthy. That’s the vision. The big, pulpy, yummy, fruity vision.

No sugar (have you ever sprinkled sugar on good quality fruit?).

No preservatives (did you ever add chemicals to your fruit while eating it?)

No added flavours or colours (did you ever dip your fruit in dyes or artificial flavours while eating it whole?)

The answer is no. So we said no too.

Its fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.


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